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What is the Fast Track to Author Program?

A step by step process which takes you from Expert to Author in 90 days. Your book must be non-fiction and tell your audience how to solve a problem. For example, Linda’s book, Maximum Occupancy describes the problem and solution in the subtitle: How smart innkeepers put heads in beds in every season.

Who is it for?

Subject Matter experts who:

  • Have knowledge about a particular topic and who have a solution to a problem but have been confused, overwhelmed, or frustrated on how to get their book written and published
  • Want a step by step process that works to go from idea to published book so that you don’t go around in circles and can focus on the book’s contents
  • Need accountability to stay on track and actually finish their book
  • Want proven tools and resources to make writing and publishing their book easier
  • Want to position themselves as an expert and attract speaking engagements and other opportunities
  • Want to learn how to get their book on Amazon in both print and Kindle version

What will you learn?

  •  How to plan your book. How to hone in on a specific topic, how to do market research, how to find out what other books are in the space, how to position your book to be successful
  • How to complete the writing process. How to create an outline that practically writes the book for you. How to create a schedule to actually get the writing done. How to write the book so that it is formatted properly for the publishing process. Chapters, sections, fonts, and pages de-mystified so that you avoid the traps of having your book look amateur-ish.
  • Whether to use pictures or not and the impact of pictures on the cost of publishing.
  • How to get your book published. All about ISBN’s. Do you need one and how to get one if you do.
  • Where to get the book published, how to get a proofreader, editor, book cover designed, etc.

Enjoy Built-in Support and Accountability

  • A writing and publishing timeline that, if followed, will result in a printed book in 90 days
  • Weekly group calls to share progress, stumbling blocks, and breakthrough strategies
  • A private Facebook group to get questions answered, get feedback on drafts, book covers, general support and encouragement

What’s the investment?

The next class starts March 8, 2016 and the investment is $450, however, you can save $150 by signing up for the early bird rate of $300 before February 29, 2016.

Why Linda Griffin?

Linda is a math major who had a long career in a technical field. If anyone had told her she would one day be a published author, she would have laughed hysterically! Fast forward to 2013 when this published author sold her book, Maximum Occupancy, at the premier industry conference for the Innkeeping industry. The book, which is now available on Amazon in print format and as a Kindle eBook, not only established her as an industry expert, but has given her the opportunity to be invited as a keynote conference speaker, workshop leader, and webinar guest speaker. Linda believes that if a left brain oriented geek like her can write a book, anyone can!

How do I sign up and what is the deadline?

You can sign up by simply selecting the Early Bird option in the drop down box below. But hurry! The Early Bird special disappears on February 29, 2016. Those who join will be taking a big, scary leap but will get lots of encouragement and support that will lead to the major accomplishment of becoming a published author in 2016!

If you have any questions about the program, you can email Linda here:Linda Griffin (Lindag(at)

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